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Turckheim Trois Epis


34. place129Petr Vojáček/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[1022/1996]A1. place
36. place134Vladimír Liška/CZBMW M3[JC31980/93]A2. place
37. place109Patrice Marquet/FPeugeot 306 Kit Car[-]A3. place
39. place139Jean-Marc Durr/FRenault Mégane Kit-Car[-]A4. place
40. place127Robert Šenkýř/CZBMW M3[170020/94]A5. place
44. place130Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia Delta Intégrale[-]A6. place
49. place132Riccardo Errami/FFord Escort RS[-]A7. place
50. place107Jean-Luc Fritsch/FPeugeot 306 Kit Car[-]A8. place
60. place131Yann Heche/CHMazda 323 GT-R Turbo[-]A9. place
22. place59Adriano Parlamento/IMarch 75S[75S-5]C31. place
23. place60Luigi Bormolini/IOsella PA9[PA9-130/85]C32. place
27. place61Bernard Renck/FOsella PA16[-]C33. place
31. place66Jean-Luc Wendling/FLola T490[-]C34. place
64. place65Alfred Wahl/FTechniplus [-]C35. place
2. place45Franz Tschager/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-69/00]CN1. place
5. place49Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-58/99]CN2. place
6. place48Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-70/00]CN3. place
7. place47Fausto Bormolini/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-75/00]CN4. place
8. place46Otakar Krámský/CZOsella PA20S[PA20S-50/98]CN5. place
9. place52Gérard Petit/FLucchini P1-98[132-P1-98]CN6. place
10. place4Francis Dosieres/FLucchini P3-94M[P3-94M-Danti_]CN7. place
12. place11Catherine Sinopoli/FOsella PA20S[PA20S-74/00]CN8. place
30. place51Patrick Zajelsnik/DOsella PA18[PA18-16/93]CN9. place
1. place2Bernard Chamberod/FReynard 92D[-]DE1. place
3. place18Bruno Bazaud/FMartini MK81[-]DE2. place
4. place8Christian Debias/FReynard 95D[95D-009]DE3. place
11. place9Stéphane Baudin/FMartini MK74[_MK74-Wagner]DE4. place
14. place34Roland Perrin/FMarch [-]DE6. place
15. place16Claude Pain/FDallara F396[-]DE7. place
16. place37Roland Tromp/FDuqueine [-]DE8. place
19. place39Jacky Bouvier/FMartini A2C[-]DE11. place
43. place19Antoine Lombardo/FLola T88/50[-]DE18. place
85. place70Jean-Jacques Sichler/FMartini MK64[-]DE23. place
51. place219Jacques Goehry/FJide [-]F3. place
105. place234Didier Thorin/FJide Original[-]F11. place
29. place101Eric Pernot/FBMW M3[-]FA1. place
32. place106Fabrice Marchal/FBMW M3[-]FA2. place
42. place136Daniel Bassora/FBMW M3[-]FA3. place
77. place175Jacques Jantzi/FBMW M3[-]FN1. place
82. place173Dominique Peluzzi/FBMW M3[-]FN2. place
101. place174Eddie Abt/BMW M3[-]FN5. place
109. place165Frédéric Koessler/FLancia Delta Intégrale[-]FN8. place
65. place119Nicolas Armindo/FCaterham [-]GT1. place
71. place115Christophe Lenys/FCaterham [-]GT3. place
76. place126Franck Daniel/FHommell Berlinette[-]GT5. place
84. place125Didier Walter/FHommell Berlinette[-]GT7. place
24. place347Reto Meisel/CHMercedes 190E 2,5-16V[-]H1. place
41. place322Bruno Winkler/DMercedes 190 E 2,0-16V[-]H2. place
0. place378Jacques Joliat/CHGRD [-]HA1. place
0. place375Udo Eisenhut/Lotus Mk.11 Le Mans[Mk.11-546]HA13. place
0. place362Bernhard Wilhelm/Jaguar Type E[-]HA19. place
0. place361Jean Yves Grandidier/Jaguar XK 150S[-]HA26. place
0. place377František Čečil/CZHakar 1200[01_]HA33. place
45. place160Peter Jureňa/SKFord Escort RS Cosworth[94222/92]N1. place
47. place161Vladimír ml. Doubek/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[97206/91]N2. place
48. place162Jan Vonka/CZBMW M3[35992/96]N3. place
52. place168Pascal Cat/FBMW M3[-]N4. place
54. place164Roland Wanek/DBMW M3 Coupé[91030EW351357/95]N5. place
56. place103Dominik Gillet/FBMW M3[-]N6. place
57. place167Dominique Fade/FFord Escort Cosworth[-]N7. place
58. place104Louis Granjon/FBMW M3[-]N8. place
61. place172Michel Lamiscarre/FBMW M3[-]N9. place
88. place166Alain Touchais/FFord Sierra Cosworth[-]N12. place
98. place181Philippe Fabiani/Honda Intégra R[-]N15. place
- 56Josef Zajelsnik/DJAZ C97[C97-001]C30. place
- 62Henri Ughetto/FNorma M11[M11-12]C30. place
- 50Alexander Zajelsnik/DJAZ C97[C97-002]CN0. place
- 14Walter Leitgeb/AFadewa F3000[-]DE0. place
- 12Alain Farey/FMartini MK69[-]DE0. place
- 40Christian Lacroix/FDallara F387[-]DE0. place
- 257Thomas Mautner/FSimca Rallye III[-]H0. place
- 177José Morim/FFord Escort Cosworth[-]N0. place

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