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Ecce Homo


29. place104Jean-Luc Fritsch/FPeugeot 306 Kit-Car[L00012L10001/89]A6. place
17. place33Josef Prasser/ATiga TS85[1985/0025]C31. place
3. place31Franz Tschager/ILucchini P1-98[132-P1-98]CN1. place
5. place9Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S[PA20S-40/97]CN2. place
6. place10Josef Krečmer/CZLucchini P3-96M[124-P3-96M]CN3. place
10. place34Ivano De Pellegrini/ILucchini P1-97[130-P1-97]CN4. place
66. place45Karl Schrotter/APRC S98[S98-013]CN5. place
1. place5Walter Leitgeb/AReynard 95D[95D-030]DE1. place
2. place2László Szász/HReynard 93D[93D-014]DE2. place
4. place1Horst Fendrich/DReynard 95D[95D-009]DE3. place
9. place11Hermann Waldy/AMartini MK48[MK48-37]DE6. place
22. place28Roman Hora/CZMTX 1-10[1-10/406/1991/MTX/]DE9. place
42. place29Igor Lešínský/CZVŽ 91[TK2492/91/VŽ91/]DE11. place
56. place24Miloš Zmeškal/CZVan Diemen RF89[46/1997]DE13. place
14. place50Herbert Stolz/APorsche Carrera RSR[911468068-1973]HFB2. place
23. place152Jan Vonka/CZBMW M3[35992/96]N3. place
45. place161Pavel Kouřil/CZBMW M3[38190/95]N10. place
- 42Markus Schrotter/APRC S99[S99-019]CN0. place
- 20Huber Friedrich/ALola T328[T328/HU90]DE0. place
- 12Frank Taubert/DReynard 91D[91D-029]DE0. place

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