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Ecce Homo Šternberk


13. place124Iňaki Goiburu/EBMW M3[-]A1. place
16. place121Francis Dosieres/FBMW M3[10670/90]A2. place
18. place99Josef Michl/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[GABEKB99275]A3. place
19. place122Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW M3[49501605/91]A4. place
35. place123Stanislav Matějovský/CZBMW M3[-]A5. place
36. place114Joe Wyss/CHToyota Corolla[-]A6. place
40. place133Wilhelm Rinne/DPorsche Carrera[2257]B1. place
1. place1Andres Vilariňo/ELola T298[T298/HU102]C31. place
2. place2Herbert Stenger/DStenger ES902[ES902]C32. place
3. place12Philippe Darbellay/CHLucchini S289[059-S289]C33. place
5. place8Walter Pedrazza/APRC M91[M91-03]C34. place
7. place16Janos Toth/HOsella PA9[PA9-133/85]C35. place
8. place23Erich Öppinger/DOsella PA9[PA9-119/83]C36. place
9. place24Hermann Waldy/ATiga TS85[1985/0025]C37. place
20. place17Hans Affentranger/CHLola T297[T297/HU90]C38. place
23. place6Rüdiger Faustmann/DFaust P91/1[001/Faust/]C39. place
28. place7Jiří Švec/CZSpider JSK[JSK804-1976]C310. place
38. place27Jan Vonka/CZMTX 2-03[2-03.209]C311. place
54. place21Milan Molda/CZGiom 3[Spider-Giom3-2_]C312. place
4. place52Heinz Steiner/CHMartini MK50[MK50-03]E1. place
6. place55Jiří Mičánek/CZTark Aleko 893[893/173-02]E2. place
10. place43Jan Urbánek/CZUR /1[TK1620/87/UR/]E3. place
11. place33Jaroslav Vorel/CZKDV 4[4-01/89]E4. place
14. place35Adolf Fešárek/CZAvia AF87[TK9055-78/Avia-AE2/]E5. place
15. place34Josef Krečmer/CZRalt RT32[TK2487/RaltRT32/]E6. place
25. place49Erwin Heckmann/DReynard 86SF[-]E7. place
39. place37Roman Hora/CZMTX 1-03[1-03/111/TK9020/75/]E9. place
12. place150Willi Rabl/APorsche 935 DP Turbo[9116609057]H1. place
17. place144Theo Frick/DBMW 318i[01443251]H2. place
21. place141Manfred Riedl/ABMW 320[BF002/79]H3. place
22. place140Michael Endress/DAudi 80C Coupe[103/75/1981]H4. place
27. place138Helmut Maier/DVW Golf Spiess[-]H5. place
34. place147Hans Reith/DBMW 2002[1534764/67]H6. place
51. place135Karl-Heinz Tremmel/DFord Fiesta XR 2i[-]H7. place
24. place103Francisco Gutierrez/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]N1. place
26. place100Antonín Charouz/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[11545/90]N2. place
29. place101Peter Moczar/HFord Sierra Cosworth[-]N3. place
30. place94Bernd Frank/DFord Sierra Cosworth[6496630/86]N4. place
31. place97Otakar Krámský/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[-]N5. place
32. place96Tomáš Vavřinec/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[19712/90]N6. place
37. place76Walter Struckmann/DOpel Kadet GSi[2666687/90]N7. place
43. place65Josef Kopecký/CZSuzuki Swift Gti[108830]N8. place
47. place70Ferdinand Gander/AHonda Civic VTi[-]N10. place
53. place73Oldřich Novotný/CZHonda Civic 16V[-]N15. place
- 11Horst Fendrich/DPRC M91[M91-02_]C30. place
- 9Franz Schreiner/AStenger ES891[ES891]C30. place
- 22Francisco Pancho Egozkue/EOsella PA12[-]C30. place
- 18Renzo Napione/ILucchini S288[044-S288]C30. place
- 134Ronald Eichberger/DVW Polo[-]H0. place
- 136Rudolf Hein/AFiat Ritmo 60[-]H0. place
- 146Alexander Engelhard/DBMW 320[-]H0. place

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