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Ecce Homo Šternberk


28. place136Francis Dosieres/FBMW M3[-]A1. place
31. place137Wolfgang Böhme/DBMW M3[2.006/87]A2. place
34. place139Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW M3[40221851/89]A3. place
52. place161Josef Michl/CZŠkoda Favorit 136L[0107543/89]A6. place
59. place96Helmut Maier/DToyota Corolla[-]A8. place
65. place163Milan Karásek/CZŠkoda Favorit 136L[-]A9. place
69. place160Jiří Zbožínek/CZŠkoda 130L[-]A11. place
77. place157Otakar Krámský/CZŠkoda Favorit 136L[98392/90]A14. place
79. place138Pietr Kozlowiecki/PLMazda AWD[-]A15. place
82. place150Petr Bold/CSLada Samara[-]A17. place
99. place142Joe Wyss/CHToyota Corolla[-]A22. place
24. place46Ferdinand Gander/AAudi Quattro Turbo[-]B1. place
35. place53Ilja Tchoubrikov/BGPeugeot 205 Turbo 16[-]B2. place
40. place47Wilhelm Rinne/DPorsche 911SCRS[118206/76/1977]B3. place
51. place54Wolfgang Schrauf/ADe Tomaso Pantera GT4 R[NNRO5813/84]B5. place
55. place38Jaromír Malý/CZLada 2105 VFTS[-]B6. place
63. place40Jiří Patera/CSLada 2105 VFTS[-]B7. place
2. place5Andres Vilariňo/ELola T298[T298/Vilarino4]C31. place
3. place25Herbert Stenger/DStenger ES891[ES891]C32. place
4. place16Horst Fendrich/DOsella PA9[PA9-143/86]C33. place
5. place30Walter Pedrazza/APRC M89[M89_]C34. place
7. place8Heinz Steiner/CHLola T298[T298/HU93]C35. place
8. place26Luigi Bormolini/IOsella PA9[PA9-130/85]C36. place
9. place27Adriano Parlamento/IMarch 75S[75S-5]C37. place
10. place12Janos Toth/HOsella PA9[PA9-133/85]C38. place
15. place32Peter Moczar/HPRC M86[M866_]C39. place
16. place10Hans Affentranger/CHLola T297[T297/HU90]C310. place
18. place31Viktor Mihálik/SKVM 03[VM-02/3]C311. place
20. place17Jiří Švec/CZSpider JSK[JSK804-1976]C312. place
25. place20Georg Olbrich/DChevron B36-CRS679[CRS-0010]C313. place
67. place13Darius Kinderman/PLEK Prototyp 85[EK-85]C314. place
73. place22Gerd Czichowski/DBehnke Lotus Talbot[C005]C315. place
1. place60Fredy Amweg/CHMartini MK50[MK50-03]E1. place
13. place117Adolf Fešárek/CZAvia AF87[TK9055-78/Avia-AE2/]E5. place
14. place76Franz Hilger/DChevron B38[B38/38-77-06]E6. place
26. place62Erwin Heckmann/DPRS [-]E12. place
30. place65Renate Sieber/ARalt RT3[-]E15. place
36. place126Hilaire Diedenhofen/LRalt [-]E18. place
39. place61Fiorenzo Capuzzo/IDallara F387[-]E19. place
71. place132Heinz Baer/DVan Diemen RF80[-]E25. place
37. place100Antonín Charouz/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[-]N1. place
66. place90Péter Takácz/HBMW M3[43874402361/87]N13. place
88. place168Willy Wiener/DSuzuki Swift[-]N21. place
- 143Gerhard Pölzl/APeugeot 205 GTi[-]A0. place
- 1Mauro Nesti/IOsella PA9[PA9-142/86]C30. place
- 2Philippe Darbellay/CHLucchini S289[059-S289]C30. place
- 11Gebhard Zeller/DOsella PA5[PRCM812/1976]C30. place
- 66Udo Hafenrichter/DMarch 803[803-21]E0. place

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