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Ecce Homo Šternberk


19. place55Francis Dosieres/FBMW 635CSi[-]A1. place
25. place72Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW 635CSi[15882/83]A2. place
27. place60Herbert Hürter/DVolvo 240 Turbo[-]A3. place
28. place53Anton Fischhaber/DAlfa Romeo GTV6[-]A4. place
30. place73Fritz Müller/DBMW 635CSi[-]A5. place
42. place66Alois Ofak/DOpel Ascona 400[-]A6. place
45. place63Rainer Fink/DBMW 323i[-]A7. place
47. place91Manfred Schübeck/DVW Golf GTi[-]A8. place
48. place95Hubert Faller/DVW Golf GTi[-]A9. place
53. place100Nikolaus Trettl/IVW Golf GTi[-]A10. place
60. place101Kuno Meeh/DVW Golf GTi[-]A11. place
62. place52Franz-Josef Kuchenbrod/DBMW 323i[-]A12. place
68. place68Theresia Melichart/AMitsubishi Colt 1400 Turbo[-]A14. place
76. place105Rudolf Kuranda/CZŠkoda 120LS[-]A18. place
80. place110Miroslav Nýdrle/CZŠkoda 120LS[-]A22. place
5. place36Giovanni Rossi/FBMW M1[-]B1. place
6. place41Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHAudi Quattro A2[-]B2. place
11. place40Rolf Göring/DBMW M1[4301041/79]B3. place
16. place38Nicolas Claude Bührer/CHPorsche 930 Turbo[660/82]B4. place
49. place76Antonín Charouz/CZŠkoda 130LR[-]B5. place
50. place46Harald Freitag/IOpel Ascona 400[-]B6. place
61. place48Roger Lernould/BOpel Manta[-]B7. place
9. place173Frank Taubert/DMarch 79V[-]E1. place
13. place164Klaus Stibitzky/DChevron B43[-]E2. place
15. place167Urs Friedli/CHVee Max Super Vau[-]E3. place
17. place146Jiří Mičánek/CZMTX 1-06[1-06/202/1984]E4. place
18. place149Jaroslav Vorel/CZMTX 1-06[-]E5. place
21. place140Václav Lím/CZAvia AE3[TK1540/Avia-AE3/]E6. place
23. place139Paul Deisenroth/D"Diesenroth" Quattro[-]E7. place
33. place172Erwin Heckmann/DVan Diemen RF80[-]E11. place
34. place133Kesjar Csaba/HMTX 1-06[-]E12. place
37. place158Jan Urbánek/CZMTX 1-03[-]E14. place
40. place166Hilaire Diedenhofen/LRalt RT1[-]E16. place
43. place136August Stawicki/DMerlin Mk.30[537FF-77]E18. place
57. place153Manfred Kuhn/DMelkus SEG[-]E20. place
58. place152Hans Jürgen Vogel/DDRMelkus MT77-2[-]E21. place
64. place134Eberhard Grüner/DDRMelkus MT80[-]E23. place
1. place7Fredy Baer/CHOsella PA9[PA9-105/81]Gr.61. place
2. place18Roberto Curatolo/IOsella PA9[-]Gr.62. place
3. place1Mauro Nesti/IOsella PA9[PA9-129/84]Gr.63. place
4. place2Herbert Stenger/DOsella PA7/9[PA5-054]Gr.64. place
7. place16Janos Toth/HTOJ SC206[79-02-206-S]Gr.65. place
8. place4Rolf Köppel/DSauber C3[C03.002]Gr.66. place
10. place3Dieter Bergermann/DOsella PA8[PA8-097]Gr.67. place
12. place12Deszö Kiss/HOsella PA3[PA3/5-019/027/1978]Gr.68. place
14. place5Hans Affentranger/CHLola T297[T297/HU90]Gr.69. place
20. place25Miroslav Šrachta/CZSpider [Spider-Stary-J02_]Gr.610. place
22. place6Karel Jílek/CSMTX 2-03[2-03.204]Gr.611. place
29. place9Christian Brauer/DLola T296[T296/HU86]Gr.613. place
35. place24Gebhard Zeller/DBrixner EBS Spezial 1300[BS-103/7-1979]Gr.614. place
46. place8Jozef Viskup/SKMTX 2-03[2-03.207]Gr.617. place
51. place21Wolfgang Hentschel/DChevron EBS[EBS003/81-1981]Gr.618. place
72. place10Bernd Heinzeller/DREX SP1[S-SP1-0-1975]Gr.622. place
52. place84 "Gordon"/IRenault R5 Turbo[-]N1. place
55. place83Giacomo Botti/IFiat Ritmo 130[-]N2. place
56. place81Hartmut Böhme/DBMW 323i[7238397/81]N3. place
67. place124Jürgen Jakob/DFord Escort RS[-]N4. place
71. place125Bernd Jobst/DVW Golf GTi[-]N5. place
- 89Sergio Volpe/IFord Escort XR3i[-]A0. place
- 88Hans-Dieter Melzer/DAlfa Romeo Sprint[-]A0. place
- 61Karel Telíšek/CZRenault R5 Alpine[-]A0. place
- 59Andreas Kövesdan/HBMW 323i[-]A0. place
- 162Miroslav Adámek/CZMTX 1-03[-]E0. place
- 29Hans Janeček/CSSpider DUPR[Spider-Dupr_]Gr.60. place
- 19Gerd Czichowski/DBehnke Lotus Talbot[C005]Gr.60. place
- 22Claudio Callela/ILola T298[T298/Italy]Gr.60. place
- 15Luigi Bormolini/IOsella PA9[PA9-130/85]Gr.60. place

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