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Trofeo Citta di Orvieto


- 128L. Ribaudo/IAlpine A110[-]0. place
- 90E. Jacoponi/IFiat Giannini 700[-]0. place
- 89F. Durpatti/IFiat Giannini 700[-]0. place
- 40L. Ricci/IFiat Ritmo 1600[-]0. place
- 115Luciano Dal Ben/IFiat Ritmo 131[-]0. place
- 132Giancarlo Ronchi/ILancia Beta Coupe[-]0. place
- 135Alessandro Nannini/ILancia Stratos[-]0. place
- 136Giovanni Alberti/ILancia Stratos[-]0. place
- 36Ermanno Bocca/IRenault 5 Alpine[-]0. place
- 78Gianfranco Follieri/IFiat Giannini 600[-]0. place
- 53Fabrizio Mulas/IFiat 131 Racing[-]0. place
- 29Adriano Boldrini/ISimca Rally 2[-]0. place
- 118 Fracastoro/BMW 3.0CSi[-]0. place
- 72Carlo Cherubini/IFiat 124[-]0. place
- 18R. De Santi/IFiat 127 Sport[-]0. place
- 101F. Desiderati/IFiat 128[-]0. place
- "Paolo Lara"/IChevron [-]Gr.60. place
- 164Divo Bastiani/IAMS [-]Gr.60. place
- Luigi Moreschi/IOsella PA7[PA7-078]Gr.60. place
- 180Gianni Varese/IOsella PA7[PA4-044]Gr.60. place
- 162Ettore Bogani/IOsella PA4[PA4-043]Gr.60. place
- Domenico Scola/IOsella PA7[PA7-082]Gr.60. place
- 170A. Landi/IOsella [-]Gr.60. place
- 167-Osella [-]Gr.60. place
- 166 "Shangry-la"/IBVS [-]Gr.60. place
- 169Odoardo Govoni/IChevron [-]Gr.60. place
- 161Gabriele Giovanelli/ILola [-]Gr.60. place

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