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Trento Bondone

Trento Bondone/I

52. place978Hartmut Böhme/DFord Escort RS[-]Gr.11. place
78. place988Marco Avi/Opel Kadett GTE[-]Gr.14. place
80. place998Fabrizio Colombi/IOpel Ascona 400[-]Gr.15. place
128. place1008Antonella Zotta/IOpel Kadett GTE[-]Gr.113. place
19. place644Herbert Stenger/DFord Escort RS[-]Gr.21. place
25. place654Edgar Grund/DBMW 320[-]Gr.22. place
33. place638Emilio Bastiani/IFiat 131 Racing[-]Gr.24. place
47. place526Petr Doležal/CZŠkoda 130RS[5042777/80]Gr.27. place
56. place616Aldino Raggi/IFiat Ritmo 75[-]Gr.210. place
62. place Sergio Comerio/ITalbot Lotus 2.2[-]Gr.213. place
64. place584Giorgio Adami/IRenault R5 Alpine[-]Gr.214. place
65. place646Harald Freitag/IOpel Kadett GTE[-]Gr.215. place
76. place Italo Pain/IOpel Kadett GTE[-]Gr.219. place
95. place572Tomaso Pacino/ISimca Rally 2[-]Gr.225. place
39. place782Karl-Heinz Linnig/DPorsche 930 Turbo[-]Gr.32. place
8. place402Rolf Göring/DBMW M1[4301041/79]Gr.41. place
13. place424Roland Biancone/FPorsche 934 Turbo[-]Gr.42. place
27. place404Sergio Trevisan/ILancia Stratos[-]Gr.44. place
55. place388Franco Corradin/IFiat 131 Abarth[-]Gr.410. place
7. place332Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche 935[-]Gr.51. place
16. place294Eckhard Schimpf/DBMW 320[-]Gr.52. place
21. place322Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHBMW 320 Heidegger[-]Gr.53. place
43. place242Salvatore Ronca/IFiat Dallara X/1 9[-]Gr.54. place
1. place126Mauro Nesti/IOsella PA9[PA9-103/81]Gr.61. place
2. place128Jean-Louis Bos/FLola T298[T298/HU100]Gr.62. place
5. place142Pasquale Anastasio/IOsella PA7[-]Gr.65. place
6. place96Ruggero Parpinelli/IOsella PA7[-]Gr.66. place
9. place182Roberto Curatolo/IChevron B36[-]Gr.67. place
11. place138 "Paolo Lara"/IOsella PA9[-]Gr.69. place
12. place158Sepp Greger/DPorsche 910/6[910-016]Gr.610. place
17. place172Renzo Zorzi/ICapoferri M1[-]Gr.613. place
20. place186Adriano Parlamento/IMarch 75S[75S-5]Gr.615. place
23. place148 "Giani"/Osella PA8[-]Gr.616. place
26. place4Alfio Frasson/IGi.Pi. [-]Gr.618. place
28. place56Miroslav Adámek/CZBrixner BS1300[BS-0177-1977]Gr.619. place
34. place54Angelo Zampieri/IRebo 003 Sport[003]Gr.622. place
36. place114Adriano Gozzi/ILucchini S280[003-S280/81]Gr.624. place
58. place16Romano Degan/IAbarth 1000[-]Gr.628. place
63. place104Salvatore Ferlito/IMarch 75S[75S-_I4]Gr.631. place
88. place94Ferruccio Botti/AKöbo B80[-]Gr.632. place
- 222Orlando Romagnoli/IFiat [-]0. place
- 302-Alfa Romeo [-]0. place
- 204Vanio Bernardi/IFiat [-]0. place
- 314Claudio Olenciuc/ILancia Beta Montecarlo[-]0. place
- 1032 Conestabo/IFord Escort[-]0. place
- 822Roberto Bigoni/IDatsun 120[-]Gr.10. place
- 88Helmuth Stuffer/IOsella PA3[PA3-Stuffer_]Gr.60. place
- 134 "Bloody Black Tiger"/IOsella PA8[-]Gr.60. place
- 36Mario Faggioli/ILola T290[-]Gr.60. place
- 32Petr Bold/CSMTX 2-03[2-03.208]Gr.60. place
- 18Caldieri Melchiore/IAMS 176[-]Gr.60. place

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