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Trois Epis


20. place Herbert Stenger/DFord Escort RS[-]Gr.21. place
21. place111Jean-Christian Duby/FFord Escort[-]Gr.22. place
22. place113Yves Evrard/FBMW 320[-]Gr.23. place
27. place115 "La Torche"/FFord Escort RS[-]Gr.24. place
35. place116Edgar Grund/DBMW 320[-]Gr.25. place
57. place127Bruno Arnould/VW [-]Gr.210. place
16. place73Jacques Alméras/FPorsche 934 Turbo[-]Gr.41. place
25. place82Gerard Sainpy/Ford Escort[-]Gr.42. place
28. place74Jacques Guillot/FPorsche 911SC[-]Gr.43. place
31. place79Gerard Marchal/Ford Escort RS[-]Gr.44. place
12. place56Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche 935[-]Gr.51. place
14. place58Valentin Bertapelle/Porsche 935[-]Gr.52. place
15. place64Eckhard Schimpf/DBMW 320[-]Gr.53. place
36. place65Bernard Renck/FBMW 2002[-]Gr.54. place
39. place70Max Jakob/CHFord Escort[-]Gr.55. place
7. place35Jean-Louis Bos/FLola T298[T298/HU100]Gr.61. place
8. place36Gerard Xiberras/FLola T298[T298/HU93_]Gr.62. place
13. place46Pierre Damaz/FLola T298[T298/HU97]Gr.63. place
1. place1Marcel Tarrés/FMartini [-]Gr.81. place
2. place12Marc Sourd/F [-]Gr.82. place
3. place Christian Debias/FMartini MK28[-]Gr.83. place
4. place Max Mamers/F [-]Gr.84. place
5. place Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FMarch F2[-]Gr.85. place
6. place Fréderic Roland/F [-]Gr.86. place
9. place Michel Salvi/F [-]Gr.87. place
10. place25Dominique Laurent/Ralt [-]Gr.88. place
11. place P. Porcheur/FMarch F2[-]Gr.89. place
19. place Bernard Hazzotte/FChevron [-]Gr.812. place
23. place N. Petitjean/CHLola [-]Gr.813. place
- 17Roland Contignon/ [-]Gr.80. place

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