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Trofeo L. Scarfiotti Sarnano-Sassotetto


15. La position187Herbert Stenger/DFord Escort RS[-]Gr.21. La position
18. La position224John Lagodny/LPorsche 911RSR[9114609067]Gr.42. La position
27. La position231 "Kabibo"/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]Gr.45. La position
5. La position281Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche 935[-]Gr.51. La position
8. La position279Germano Nataloni/ILancia Stratos[-]Gr.52. La position
10. La position324Sergio Farris/IOsella PA6[PA4-039]Gr.68. La position
25. La position283Giovanni Giovanelli/ILola T282[-]Gr.614. La position
- 104-Porsche [-]0. La position
- 8-Simca Rallye 3[-]Gr.10. La position
- 234Giuseppe Spaccasassi/IFiat 500[-]Gr.50. La position

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