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Trento Bondone/I

13. place Herbert Stenger/DFord Escort RS[-]Gr.21. place
30. place Francesco Pera/IVW Golf Gti[-]Gr.23. place
41. place Enrico Carlini/IFiat 128 Coupe[-]Gr.27. place
26. place414Michel Peyret/IPorsche 911SC[-]Gr.43. place
38. place Giancarlo Ronchi/ILancia Beta Montecarlo[-]Gr.46. place
46. place "Kabibo"/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]Gr.47. place
3. place Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche 935[-]Gr.51. place
4. place Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHBMW 320 Heidegger[-]Gr.52. place
35. place Romano Bellina/IAlfa Romeo GTAM[-]Gr.56. place
1. place148Mauro Nesti/ILola T296[T296-HU81]Gr.61. place
8. place94Pasquale Anastasio/IOsella PA7[-]Gr.65. place
24. place158Janos Toth/HTOJ SC206[79-02-206-S]Gr.615. place
- Stefano Bettoni/IOsella PA6[PA6-071]0. place
- Gianni Crivellaro/IRenault R5 Turbo[-]0. place
- 634Josef Saibel/AVW Scirocco[-]0. place
- Ivano Giuliani/IPorsche [-]0. place
- Bommartini/IFiat Ritmo[-]0. place
- Helmuth Stuffer/IOsella PA3[PA3-Stuffer_]0. place
- Marchi/IAlpine [-]0. place
- Guido Sanetti/IFiat X1/9[-]0. place

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